core services...

change consultancy

we set the metronome for your programme through tailoring and embedding a change methodology and governance oversight that
is in beat with the rhythm of your business

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change delivery &  business readiness

we apply our vast experience of change best practice and our entrepreneurial mindset to deliver outcome-orientated value
for your business

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ir35 & off-payroll guidance

we set you on the path to ir35 and off-payroll legislation compliance cutting through the complexity to help you understand what action your
business must take

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recent projects...

re-opening a respected london university campus post-covid with a blended learning model

working with the senior leadership team we designed and embedded a bespoke and sustainable change methodology and governance framework

we delivered an open and safe multi-site campus and a new blended approach to all courses, facilitated by new technology and new ways of working

designing and implementing all data products required to deliver one of the most significant and complex customer remediations in UK banking history

we designed the end-to-end data flow throughout the supply chain and identified and specified all data requirements therein

​we delivered data just-in-time in order to facilitate the unique remediation to each and every one of 13m customers over 2 years

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