our 90-second case for good change governance

You have decided to invest in that all-important change. There is an urge to dive straight in but there is a real benefit in pausing to consider the importance of ‘change governance’.

The governance of change centres on the value extracted from stating a clear strategy at the outset through to realising the benefits from the delivery of agreed outcomes.

The design and application of robust governance and the professional management of change are Board-level accountabilities and come at a cost – for example, governance needs to be fit-for-purpose, clear and communicated, it requires professional leadership that implements and devolves accountability and values honest reporting.

What is often hidden however are the costs of poor or no change governance, examples of which include:

lack of clarity over who is in charge and/or accountable for what;
forgetting, ignoring, debating or reversing decisions already made;
inaction due to inconsistent understanding of who is authorised to make decisions;
in-fighting between colleagues or groups for political or similar gain;
lack of understanding of interdependencies in the work of different colleagues or groups;
fire-fighting of emerging issues that may otherwise have been planned for and mitigated;
no reliable method for measuring progress and controlling the impacts of ‘in-flight’ changes

The costs of delay to and/or quality of the implemented change often far outweigh the cost of good change governance.

In other words, good change governance offers speed, efficiency and effectiveness in designing and executing change. It embeds an impactful blend of empowerment, visibility and control, which can benefit a business time and time again if your chosen change professional truly understands the value of transferring knowledge as well as delivering your strategic change outcomes.

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